Business Litigation

From breach of real estate and business contracts, collections, to fraud and real estate misrepresentations, Shams is a Houston business disputes attorney who, along with the attorneys at Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, P.C. litigate the full spectrum of business disputes cost-effectively both when prosecuting and defending claims.

Houston Real Estate and Business Litigation Attorney

Clients rely on Shams, who focuses on business disputes related to commercial real estate, to handle their routine and most complex business disputes against powerful adversaries.

Shams has experience navigating complex business and real estate disputes at the highest level. Shams helps to ensure the best possible outcome for your business at the most cost-effective rates.

From small breach of contracts with thousands of dollars at stake to complex real estate and lease disputes with tens of millions of dollars at stake, Shams handles the full spectrum of business disputes including:

Breach of Contract (for Businesses and Commercial Real Estate)
Breach of Commercial Real Estate Leases
Shareholder & Partnership Disputes
Corporate Disputes
Business Fraud
Construction Disputes
LLC, LP, LLP, GP, & Other Entity Litigation
Corporate Collections & Debts
Business Torts
Business & Property Insurance Disputes
Franchise Disputes
Commercial Real Estate Litigation
Financial Litigation
Officer & Director Liability
Civil Litigation
Securities Litigation
Eminent Domain
Professional Malpractice

Businesses Shams Represents

Real Estate Investment Firms
Real Estate Private Equity Firms
Various Investment Groups
Owners and Investors in Commercial Real Estate
Property Management Companies
Retail Companies
Regional & Medium Sized Businesses
Lenders and Banks
Title Insurance Companies
Restaurants & Hospitality
Business Owners & Operators
High Net Worth Individuals
Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Accountants, CPAs, & Financial Advisors
Mortgage Brokers & Firms


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